It may have taken me a good 19 years of my life, and then again I wasn’t really aware for the first few but that aside here is what I wanna throw down. Your happiness and self esteem should never remotely reflect the negative views of others around you.

Like everyone has got ideas and dreams and hopes and whatnot, and if let the negativity around us stifle that in any way shape or form we are essentially loosing the game of life.

So in a jist what I’m trying to say is; Find what makes you happy and brings you bliss and the will to drive forward and feed off that.

Even if it is being a professional worldwide pug photographer that brings in less then 9 dollars an hour. Its your dream, your life.

It may be cheesy but realize that it you may have made it Swiss cheese. ya dig?

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In the process of taking my favorite movie back from mangled memories and oh it feels so good.

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